3. Getting Started with ASTRA

3.1 Compiling ASTRA Code

ASTRA code is compiled using Apache Maven and the entire ASTRA codebase is available through Maven Central. New versions of ASTRA are released to this repository on an ad-hoc basis. The source code for ASTRA is available through gitlab.com.

An introductory guide to Building & Deploying ASTRA Programs is available. This guide will explain how to create a simple ASTRA project using maven.

3.2 ASTRA and Visual Studio Code

While ASTRA can be used with any IDE that supports Maven, we have chosen to provide support for syntax highlighting for the Visual Studio Code platform. This support is delivered through a custom extension. To install the extension, simple click on the extensions tab and type astra.

3.3 ASTRA and other IDEs

This section will provide links to additional guides for using ASTRA with other IDEs.

3.4 ASTRA Examples

A number of example ASTRA programs can be found on Gitlab.com.